It’s Not Just About Nuts And Bolts

It’s Not Just About Nuts And Bolts

We don’t just sell nuts and bolts here at Maran Atha, Oh no! We sell a wide variety of products.

We cater for every trade whether it be Engineering, Construction, Electronics, Automotive or the Man in the Van.

There’s many a time on the counter we get customers calling in with all sorts of weird and wonderful parts hoping we have got the solution to their problem. Sometimes we have it and sometimes we don’t and that’s where the ability to think on your feet comes into play. Can we use something else, modify something else? We become our very own Isambard Kingdom Brunel of the Trade Counter, furiously constructing an engineering marvel.

That’s the beauty of having a wide and varied range of stocks, a one stop shop, everything under one roof, an Aladdin’s Cave to suit every need. At least that is what we try to achieve, 100% stock and availability but unfortunately that is never the case. Everything isn’t always in stock, whether it be here or at our suppliers, perfect, fulfilled stock levels are virtually impossible. So don’t be upset if we don’t have what you want, we will have a suitable alternative either in stock or available for next day delivery from our supplier network.

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