Silicone & Sealants

We deal with all the leading Silicone and Sealant suppliers and can offer support and technical details upon request 

Please see a small selection of the products we offer below

  • For general weatherproofing, sanitary and gap sealing applications.
  • Quick curing, mould resistant.
  • Available in White, Translucent, Black and Brown
  • Boxed in 25’s / 295ml tubes
  • Flexible and waterproof
  • Cost Effective PVCu sealant
  • Available in White, Translucent, Black, Grey and Brown
  • Boxed in 25’s / 295ml tubes


  • Hybrid Polymer Extreme Power Adhesive.
  • Bonds and Seals virtually anything.
  • Available in White, Clear, Black, Brown, Grey and Natural
  • Boxed in 12’s / 290ml tubes
  • Quick Setting Polyurethane Expanding Foam
  • Can be cut, sawn, plastered and sealed
  • Yields up to 50 times original size
  • Boxed 12’s / 750ml Tins
  • Multipurpose hand and tool wipes.
  • Specially formulated to clean hands, tools and surfaces

  • Cleans adhesive, bitumen, expanding foam, oil, grease and silicone

  • Tubs of 100 wipes